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about us

who we are

Thanks for checking out Take With Coffee!

We're Stephen and Kevin, two friends in San Francisco who love coffee.

After years of riding the daily highs and lows of caffeine, we each independently started experimenting with natural ingredients to compliment our morning coffees. We didn't know it at the time, and we didn't even know each other, but we had been creating the formula for Take With Coffee for years.

We use Take With Coffee every day, and are excited to be sharing our favorite ingredients with the world.


how it started

Kevin discovered Lion's Mane after hearing about it on a podcast and started mixing it into his daily cup. The effects on overall brain function were so stark that he never looked back and started proclaiming its wonders to anyone who would listen.

Around the same time, a doctor friend convinced Kevin to throw his nasty, synthetic pre-workout away and use Maca Root instead. Though it doubles as "nature's pre-workout," Kevin found that Maca Root was the perfect addition to his coffee-and-lion's-mane cocktail. It delivered a new baseline for energy that made it hard to notice a caffeine crash.

Stephen started drinking Matcha Tea occasionally after the new shop opened near his office. He noticed that Matcha provided a much calmer energy than coffee - without jitters or crash. But coffee still had his heart.

One day, he did some research and discovered Matcha's secret weapon: L-theanine. Instead of switching to a $7 matcha tea, he started mixing L-theanine and ashwagandha into his morning coffee. It worked wonders.

When we ended up working at the same software startup, we combined our formulas, the coffee room started to look like a lab, and we slowly got more and more of our coworkers hooked on our new concoction. Someone suggested we add ginger to help with the digestive side effects - and just like that, Take With Coffee was born.

We hope you love your new morning routine as much as we do!