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Out with the old

  • Phase 1: Starve. I'm not myself until I have my coffee. I feel like a Zombie.
  • Phase 2: Ascent. Okay, feeling a bit more normal. But why is my brain tingling like that. Why am I all over the place?!
  • Phase 3: Plateau. Here we go. Hittin' the groove, but my brain keeps spazzing at every thought that comes to mind. Am I actually that productive or am I just stimulated?
  • Phase 4: Crash. Good thing my new work from home office also has a nap room.

In with the new

  • Phase 1: Calm. I feel normal-ish. Not completely dead, but I still need coffee.
  • Phase 2: Onset. This is refreshing. I feel sober. I'm saying the right things. My body feels at peace.
  • Phase 3: Flow. I feel calm but still energized. I just did more in 45 minutes than I did all of yesterday.
  • Phase 4: Glide. Did the coffee just ware off, or am I still going? I could probably skip my afternoon coffee.

The feeling

Lion's mane and Maca Root kick in first (around 20-30 minutes in). You'll notice you feel super sharp, are more fluent in conversation, and have an "I slept great last night" type of energy.

Ashwagandha, L-Theanine & Ginger absorb over 1-2 hours and will circulate for most of your working day. You'll notice a more relaxed, happy mind that's not as easily distracted.

The best part: each ingredient will become noticeably stronger the more you take them. You'll feel better on day 14 than day 1, and better on day 30 than day 14. 

The positive effects will become more engrained in your morning mood. All thanks to adaptogenic benefits like neuron growth, healthy brain cells, stress reduction, and a happy gut.